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Lighting by locations

European lighting and furniture outlet. Established in 1990. Worldwide delivery available.
spot lamp
Ceiling lamp or wall lamp Pizzo
Sconces Diamonds
Wall Lamp Voltolina
Pendant lamp Bravo
Sconces Lembo
The built-in lamp G. Moscatelli
Pendant lamp Shine Chain
Ceiling lamp Pascale PL
Bathroom items: 367
Pendant lamp Soffio
Wall lamp Lenoir
Pendant lamp Aurora
Chandelier Ariadna
Table lamp Contemporaneo
Table lamp Lens
Floor Lamp Corna
Chandelier Isa
Bedroom items: 8647
Floor Lamp Rearte
Sconces Piume
Wall light Slight AP
Sconces Tarsia
Floor Lamp Soffio
Table lamp Vestigia
Chandelier Diva
Hanging ceiling lamp CLAVIUS SP
pendant lamp Ledro
Cabinet items: 3251
Wall lamp/ceiling lamp Big Beta
Bra Gisele
Clara Floor Lamp
Pendant lamp Trieste
Pendant lamp Fascia Oro
Chandelier Venere
The Solstice Chandelier
Pendant light Tower
Wall Lamp Voltolina
Dining room items: 6128
Ceiling lamp Fog
Chandelier Camelot
Niagara Floor Lamp
Pendant lamp Perenz
Chandelier Cristalli
Sconces Flock
Pendant lamp KA.new
Sconce Mille Nuits tulip
ceiling lamp
Hall, hallway items: 6651
Pendant lamp Mood
Bra Geo
Sconces Ampoulle
sconces Love you Love you not
Pendant light Maxim
Pendant lamp, Romeo Outdoor Plastic C
Pendant lamp Bell
Table lamp Baby
Pendant lamp Pluto
Kids' and teen rooms items: 1312
Chandelier Alsace
Chandelier Salice
Sconces Makassar
Embedded downlight Crystal Dream
Ceiling lamp Tabula
Riflessi pendant light
Sconces Zenith
Pendant lamp Bracere
spot lamp Swarovski
Kitchen items: 1599
Chandelier 6009
Pendant lamp Cromo Confine
Sconce Lamp Wall Valentine
Wall Lamp Air 60
Chandelier Ifigenia
Wall Lamp Aura
Floor Lamp Vestigia
Pendant lamp Liuk
Floor Lamp Crystal Sand
Living room items: 10897
Kendo table lamp
Table lamp Vestigia
Table lamp Luce e Regalo
Sconces Gradino
Table lamp Luce e Regalo
Bra Sally
Table lamp Building
Pendant light Splugen Brau
Sconces Balih
Office items: 1497
Street lamp In & Out
Street lamp by Fine Art Lamps
Lamp Microneo
Street light Totem
street lighting Walkie Car
Pendant lamp
Pendant lamp
Outdoor lighting items: 59
Chandelier Empire
Chandelier Curled
Chandelier Scuba
Pendant lamp Rontonton 50
Sconces Corne Luciole
Sconces Gradino
Floor Lamp Spring
Wall Lamp Voltolina
Public areas items: 4283
Lamp Mughetto System
Chandelier Assisi
Chandelier Jerry
Pendant lamp Romeo Soft S1/S2
Lamp wall Galliano
Wall Lamp Romeo Babe W
Suspension lamp Allegro Assai
Pendant lamp Cell
Suspension lamp Romeo Louis II S
Terrace, garden lighting items: 215
Sconces Jole
Ceiling lamp Diamante PL
Impero Chandelier
Pendant lamp Smithfield
Pendant lamp Loto
Bra Fold
Recessed luminaire D 60 Cricket
Sconce Torch
Bra Simply
Walk-in closets items: 1382
The product catalog is currently being renewed and only a small fraction of the lamp assortment we can offer is available on the site.

If you have questions about a product that is not represented here, you can ask us by email. The company's managers will carefully listen to all your desires and requirements and together with the designers, will help you think of a lighting concept, pick appropriate lights from Italy or other countries.

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