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Lighting by locations

European lighting and furniture outlet. Established in 1990. Worldwide delivery available.
Wall lamp Athena
Wall and ceiling lamp Diamond
The built-in lamp G. Moscatelli
Sconces Cristalli
Ceiling or wall lamp Window
Wall lamp Natural Couture
Bra Vogue
Zig Zag Sconce
Bras Soirée
Bathroom items: 367
Pendant lamp Atollo
Ceiling lamp Aura
The Angelica Chandelier
Marie Coquine Chandelier
Lamp Deauville Lamp
Sconces Casa d'arte Paoletti
Chandelier Bassano
Lamp 9051 S0
Table lamp Pataviumart
Bedroom items: 8647
Chandelier Hamilton
Sconces Cristalli
Suspension lamp Etoile
Outdoor floodlight Lamp Atlantic
Table lamp Vestigia
Lamp Lara
Etvoila table lamp
Wall lamp
Rugiada Wall Lamp
Cabinet items: 3251
Bra Colours
Chandelier G. Moscatelli
Ceiling lamp Queen
pendant lamp Texy
Pendant lamp Bouquet
Table lamp Muse
Pendant lamp Capalunga
Ceiling light Hollywood
Hanging lamp Athena
Dining room items: 6128
Lamp Opera
The Cap Ferrat Chandelier
Chandelier Damasco
Chandelier Beby Group
Sconces Chimera Piccola
Chandelier Pirandello
Pendant lamp, Romeo Outdoor Plastic C
Wall lamp Silver Sculpture
Chandelier Delhia
Hall, hallway items: 6651
Ceiling light Scavo Ortica
The pendant lamp Lilith
Chandelier Boccioli
Chandelier Patrizia Garganti
Sconces Scudi
Pendant lamp Ava
Floor Lamp Kaos
Pendant lamp Il Rilegato
Ottavia Chandelier
Kids' and teen rooms items: 1312
Lamp Lantern Yorkshire M
Wall Lamp Voltolina
Pendant lamp Tike
Pendant lamp Honeymoon
Pendant lamp Ellisse
Ceiling light Lara
Chandelier Amaryllis Boules Vertes
Ceiling lamp Fascino
Pendant lamp Silu
Kitchen items: 1599
Timy Floor Lamp
Table lamp Mercury
Fuochi artificiali chandelier
Wall lamp
Sconces Bellina Illumina
Ceiling lamp Affra
Chandelier Tresor
Floor Lamp Perenz
Chandelier Vestigia
Living room items: 10897
Pendant lamp Feel
Pendant lamp Marlene
Table lamp Finn
Bra Innovation
Ceiling lamp Ricciolo
Table lamp Galileo
The Yoga Floor Lamp
Office items: 1497
Street lamp Lodo
Pendant lamp
Lamp Microgeos
Pendant lamp
Street lamp by Fine Art Lamps
Pendant lamp
The Jallum Lamp
Outdoor floor lamp Spillo
Outdoor lighting items: 59
Floor Lamp Leila
The pendant lamp Ether 150 S
Wall lamp Ala
Chandelier Villari
Pendant lamp Gina
 Recessed luminaire F19 Tools
Sconces Stream
ceiling lamp
Pendant lamp Sfera
Public areas items: 4283
Chandelier Country
Street lamp by Fine Art Lamps
Atomium outdoor floor lamp
Lamp Clessidra
Ceiling light Siena
Street lamp by Fine Art Lamps
Grand pendant light-Maxim
Chandelier Globo
Lamp Carrera
Terrace, garden lighting items: 215
Pendant light Florian
Ceiling and wall lamp Il Rilegato
Ceiling lamp Q
Emy pendant light
Floor Lamp Midha
Bijou Sconces
Pendant lamp Smithfield
Ceiling lamp Damasco
Wall Lamp Voltolina
Walk-in closets items: 1382
The product catalog is currently being renewed and only a small fraction of the lamp assortment we can offer is available on the site.

If you have questions about a product that is not represented here, you can ask us by email. The company's managers will carefully listen to all your desires and requirements and together with the designers, will help you think of a lighting concept, pick appropriate lights from Italy or other countries.

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