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European lighting and furniture outlet. Established in 1990. Worldwide delivery available.
Pendant light Memory Black&Gold
Sconces Gradino
Pendant lamp Arco
Relum recessed downlight Kardan Hit-TC
Bra Crinoline
Recessed luminaire D 27 Faretti Blow
Ceiling lamp Laguna
Ceiling or wall lamp Albook
Wall light Step
Bathroom items: 367
Wall lamp
Chandelier Patrizia Garganti
Chandelier Nuova Montart
Polluce chandelier
Floor Lamp Penelope
Pendant lamp Aloha
Floor Lamp Bugia
chandelier Lola
Bedroom items: 8647
Sconce Decor Argento
Sconce Heritage
Pendant light Florian
Floor Lamp Century
Chandelier Elements
Wall Lamp Romeo Romeo Babe Soft W
Table lamp
Pendant lamp Chunnel
Cabinet items: 3251
Pendant light Zeppelin
Hanging lamp Hollywood
Entropia pendant light
Pendant lamp Tocco
Chandelier 7081
Chandelier G. Moscatelli
Pendant lamp Suite
Dining room items: 6128
Wall Lamp Lingotto
Chandelier Orienta
Floor Lamp Tebe
Ceiling lamp Amarcord
Table lamp by Ceramiche Eros
Chandelier White & Gold
Prometeo floor lamp
Wall Lamp Voltolina
Rosendal Chandelier
Hall, hallway items: 6651
Ceiling lamp Deluxe
Chandelier Regina
Pendant lamp Glossy
Ceiling lamp Ricciolo
Ceiling lamp Orione
Pendant lamp Sfera
Biluna pendant light
Pendant lamp Nautilus
Sconces Riga
Kids' and teen rooms items: 1312
Pendant lamp Catellani & Smith
Chandelier Bell
Chandelier Gotico
Chandelier Adela
Chandelier Poeme
Ceiling lamp Puraluce
The built-in lamp G. Moscatelli
Chandelier Alsace
The suspended lamp Finn White
Kitchen items: 1599
Noa table lamp
Table lamp Ceramic Sculpture
Chandelier Bijoux
Pendant lamp Stigma
Chandelier Alsace
Pendant lamp Smithfield
Hanging ceiling light
Ceiling lamp Dot
Living room items: 10897
Lamp Ukiyo
Ceiling light Kardamod Surface Double
Wall lamp Angle
Finn Wall Lamp White
Wall and ceiling lamp Mini Soft
Bra Tube
Table lamp Limoges
Chandelier Oh Mei Ma
Office items: 1497
The lamp in the form of the letter Graphic
Lamp Microgeos
Street lamp Lodo
Street light Lux
Street lamp Bell
Pendant lamp
Street lamp by Fine Art Lamps
Pendant lamp
Pendant lamp
Outdoor lighting items: 59
Pendant lamp Decor Oro
Wall lamp D 57 Beluga White
Chandelier Universe Square 100
Sconces Klypta
Chandelier Dafne
The built-in lamp Zashi
Sconces Casa d'arte Paoletti
Wall lamp Forum
Floor Lamp Vestigia
Public areas items: 4283
Pendant lamp
Pendant lamp Skygarden 1/2
Lamp Microneo
Outdoor floor lamp Spillo
Pendant lamp Glo-Ball S1/S2
Pendant lamp Spillo
Chandelier Country
Pendant lamp Barchessa
Wall lamp Manhattan
Terrace, garden lighting items: 215
The Flute Floor Lamp
Ceiling lamp Led Kaos
Modular decorative light Tile D 95
Suspension lamp Giga
Recessed luminaire D 55 Venere
Chandelier Savana
Ceiling lamp Quadriled F 18
Pendant lamp Gina
Pendant lamp Blob
Walk-in closets items: 1382
The product catalog is currently being renewed and only a small fraction of the lamp assortment we can offer is available on the site.

If you have questions about a product that is not represented here, you can ask us by email. The company's managers will carefully listen to all your desires and requirements and together with the designers, will help you think of a lighting concept, pick appropriate lights from Italy or other countries.

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