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German street lamps

According to conventional terminology, the device is designed for outdoor lighting refers to street lighting. This is Park lights, systems for illumination of facades, neon lights. Basic requirements – weather resistance, impact resistance, safety.
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The Big Dish Floor Lamp, Ingo Maurer (exclusive street lamps Germany)
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Exclusive Germany street lights for a spectacular landscape lighting

Great demand of luxury German street lamps for outdoor lighting. Typically, they are used for landscaping and feature a variety of decorative qualities.

Such exclusive street lamps Germany develops the first year and achieved in this direction significant results. First and foremost is the excellent quality characteristics and, of course, the variety of products.

An exclusive, modern street lighting from Germany can be as a marking intended to indicate the direction of footpaths and extremely decorative. In this case, you can organize a spectacular illumination arbors, fences, sculptures.

Its exclusive design street lighting from Germany is floor and wall also ceiling distinguish the street lamps. Each of the types has its own features and fields of usage.

So, the wall models can be applied, if there is a need to emphasize the architectural features of the building, or, conversely, to hide the weaker party. While they are a great way illuminate the tracks that are directly adjacent to the building.

Interesting ceiling light. Such lamps are used in pergolas, verandas or porches of the building. However, the most popular exclusive outdoor street lights Germany. With their help you can create unique lighting of a garden or house landscape.

This luxury outdoor lighting provides Germany, releasing this group of lighting devices. In our salon you can purchase original models of the German lights, which were used stainless alloys, plastic, forged items, etc. Almost all of the exclusive street lamps Germany represented in our catalogs. More information on each model will provide an experienced salon managers.

The product catalog is currently being renewed and only a small fraction of the lamp assortment we can offer is available on the site.

If you have questions about a product that is not represented here, you can ask us by email. The company's managers will carefully listen to all your desires and requirements and together with the designers, will help you think of a lighting concept, pick appropriate lights from Italy or other countries.

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